2020 JAMB Candidates for 18th March – Get in here

This thread is dedicated to candidates writing the 2020 JAMB Exam on Wednesday, March 18th, 2020. This is for you to interact with one another regarding the exam.  You can share ideas, experiences and suggestions you believe will help you all scale through the exam successfully.

We will be creating a “Live Updates” post for you early in the morning just before your exam, so you can report any issues you experience while heading out or during the examination.

Please make sure you are at your various exam centres, at least 30 mins before the time given on your slip.

Also, ensure you take the necessary items to the examination hall like copies of your exam slip and a pencil in case you need one. Please also CLICK HERE to see a list of items you should not take to the exam hall.

After your exam, do not fail to come back here to share your experiences and how the exam went. So try to note your experiences and share them after the exams. If you can memorize some of the questions to share with others by tomorrow evening, that would also be great.


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